NEW Fan’s Choice item: Podkinz Recording Booth

As inspired BY YOU: Podkinz Recording Booth


Have your pet join in the fun of Podkinz by getting them their own Podkinz Recording Booth! Then you can interview them all day long about what’s happening!


Pair it with the matching Podkinz Host Chair and have your pet become the latest host of Podkinz with their very own chair! It’s the perfect place for them to sit while recording their latest episode!


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20 Responses to NEW Fan’s Choice item: Podkinz Recording Booth

  1. pinkdogcandy says:

    I have those crazy lights in there so awesome!

  2. Roxstar331 says:

    I know my Webkinz Persia would love these! I neeeeeeeeeeeeed them!!!!!!!!!

  3. lex2874 says:

    How awesome! Will have to check this out!

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