NEW Fan’s Choice item: Super Sour Pebble Candy Coral

As inspired BY YOU: Super Sour Pebble Candy Coral


This awesome aquatic Super Sour Pebble Candy Coral display also gives out a delicious daily treat! It’s a tasty addition for the pet that craves coral candy!


The flowing red locks on the wonderful Mermaid Wig are a great way to keep your pet’s look current! It’s sure to be popular if your pet ever travels under the sea!


The simple Starfish Sandals are a comfortable way to keep your pets paws dry at the beach! They’ll love going for a stroll with such fabulous footwear!


You may find these items and more at eStore!


16 Responses to NEW Fan’s Choice item: Super Sour Pebble Candy Coral

  1. kandykinz says:

    I love the new wigs lately! Got to keep the pets lookin’ stylish!

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    Finally, we have a red wig! I’ve been looking for one for my Seal (named Ariel). However, I already sent in my screenshot of Ariel’s Cave. (Argh!)

  3. 4CheeseTortellini says:

    The Super Sour Pebble Candy Coral display is pretty! Love the dispensers that can also be used as furniture and decorations – Planning a trip to the eStore today :o)

  4. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Whoa…… This dispenser is seriously too cool!!! :D

  5. WishieTails says:

    CURRENT? Did you make that pun on purpose? If so, kudos :P

  6. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Hmm, those are interesting! Not sure where you would use them, but still cool.

  7. WishieTails says:

    Hehe…The Little Merkinz…Love this!

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