NEW! In time for Mother’s Day: Awesome Hats!

What do you get for the Webkinz MOM that has everything? How about some cute HATS from eStore?


The cute and colorful locks under the Elegant Evening Hat will give your pet a fresh new look! It’s nice not having to worry about hat-head hair!


Any vacation will be more fun when they don’t have to worry about their hairdo! When they wear the Fun Vacation Hat out and about, your pet will be much more relaxed!


You may find these fun Hats and other items in time for Mother’s Day at eStore!




21 Responses to NEW! In time for Mother’s Day: Awesome Hats!

  1. 4uLittleOne says:

    These hats are alot of fun. I went to the e-store trying to buy the pets only on sale during their birthday but there’s no way to add to shopping cart. I really want to buy some. Can you help Gennelle?

  2. 1Emerald1 says:

    These really are cute. Love the hairstyles!

  3. alltohimiowe says:

    EEEK! I WANT that couch!!!

  4. jacquiekinz says:

    These hats look marvelous. I think I might have to get myself a couple.

  5. OceanSpray says:

    Can’t afford estore points :’(

  6. autumn_the_cuzzy says:

    Oh, nice!! I was hoping there’d be wigs with hats eventually, it’s like I had to choose between hat or wig for my pets!! … One request though: can we get either just regular wigs or wig-and-hat combos in black and red colors? The pink is okay but not quite red enough if I wanna do a “Little Mermaid” look with my pet and the mermaid costume… and my hair is black so I’d like a black one so my pets can match, lols.

  7. turnippie says:

    definitely cute!

  8. TigerKinzKG says:


  9. KarenC says:

    Awesome! Cool hats :)

  10. griffoned says:

    Why did you stop doing things for earth day?

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