NEW Persian Swing for the Rare Persian Room Theme!









NEW room theme addition:
Persian Swing!












This stylish swing is exotic AND evocative of a time gone by! This Persian Swing is a great piece for your authentic Persian space.




You may find these items and more at eStore!




23 Responses to NEW Persian Swing for the Rare Persian Room Theme!

  1. red2white says:

    I would like to see the Persian Theme back in Webkinz. I have a bigger room so I would to buy more things. I don’t have any luck getting things from Curie Shop. Can it be put in the other Thems.

  2. A5N5A5 says:

    I would absolutely love to have this swing with my pets in the one room that I have. It contains vibrant colors and amazing detail.

  3. kity1976 says:

    wow……’s amazing !

  4. bubblegumkitty5 says:

    too cool xD

  5. adara917 says:

    This room theme is sooo beautiful!!!! I wish I could be a member and have the Persian theme!

  6. xomissmaria says:

    So cool!! :D

  7. candy1616 says:

    Sweet!!!!!!! I LOVE the persian theme!!!!!! but really estore… you just ruined my dreams of owning this… thanks a lot

  8. bubblewrap says:

    do you have any rare items belonging to the palace princess theme or neo gothic theme? my username is Annalise115530. Send me some and I will send you some PSI or even a priceless item (don’t count on it)

    • izzyblue says:

      The neo gothic room, are rare items that you can get from the curio shop.

    • polaroid3 says:

      And you can also buy almost every item shown from Arte in the curio shop. No need to do anything but save your money and wait for them to show up in the Curio Shop. Good luck finding the pieces you are looking for. The bed is also for sale in Curio Shop and it is one of my all time favorites..

    • roariamarshmallow says:

      I have a neo gothic night stand, if you want to trade for it. My username is roariamarshmallow. I am not trading though kinzpost though.

  9. SmoresOfScotland says:

    I love this theme! I have a whole room of the Persian items… Does anyone know what those little lamps are and where they come from? Just curious.

    • bluemorpho says:

      Those are called the Blue Minaret Vase. They are a part of the rare Persian Theme, so you can get them in Arte’s Curio Shop.

    • kinzmaven says:

      That is the “Blue Minaret Vase”, 2650 KC at the Curio Shop when available. It is part of the regular rotation of rare items in this theme that can appear in the Curio Shop.

    • kinzmaven says:

      Whoops! Sorry, that’s the “Persian Oil Lamp”, 3180 KC, also part of the regular rotation of rare items from the Curio Shop. I mis-read your question at first. Hope this helps!

    • zootzoot says:

      The blue items are actually Blue Minaret Vases and is a rare item available from the Curio Shop.

    • zinzogs says:

      I’m not sure if you can get that in the curio shop, but I got it as a bonus gift when adopting a pet. :D

    • kinzmaven says:

      The lamp is in fact an eStore item!! I own it and had to go back away to find the name. Released in November 2011, it is called “The Grand Persian Lamp”. I know I bought around the time the “Medieval” Theme was retiring from the Curio Shop and a few other theme related items were popping up in the eStore. I cannot recall the price, I’m sorry. Please disregard the other names I provided earlier. This is the correct name for the gold lamp with the handles like an urn and glowing top.

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