New Sophie’s Rewards for 2020!

What is Sophie’s Rewards?

Sophie’s Rewards is a program that rewards you for making credit card purchases at Ganz eStore! It’s our way to say thank you and award our customers with cool items and even a super-rare eStore Signature pet! With four different tiers and a whole year to accumulate your spending, we hope you enjoy the rewards!



To learn all the details about this exciting new program, please visit the Rewards Program Explained page on Ganz eStore:


57 Responses to New Sophie’s Rewards for 2020!

  1. KRISSYMC says:

    I think the amount needed to spend for these rewards is quite high. I don’t imagine many adults/parents spending these amounts. Kids obviously do not. I think it would be better to adjust prizes to a lower limit and keep offering more for upgrades in spending. I just cannot see this program working otherwise.

  2. catemerald says:

    So excited about this. I for one spend a ton of money on estore points on a separate credit card specifically for webkinz! So this is really nice of Ganz. Thank you so much!

  3. catladyinpajamas says:

    I love the prizes!! But like last year I’m not counting on doing anything with the rewards because it is all virtual. I did complete level one without doing anything. I was really surprised when the letter came!! I have 6 million in Webkinz cash! We should be able to spend that on everything. It piles up without trying! All that money just setting there for nothing. But I do like Webkinz!!

    • kaye10 says:

      hiya :) just wondering what you mean by “it is all virtual,” as everything in WW is virtual, right? anyway, I reached 1,000,000 kinzcash long ago, and ever since spend up my kc to keep it at that amount (sometimes sending items to everyone on my friends list, e.g.) also, I strangely do not like repeats of most items, so I sell a lot of stuff I don’t want & often need to get CS to remove estore extras… well, best & enjoy the new prizes if you get! k.

  4. Powerann says:

    I made it to the 2nd tier last year – that’s most likely the most I’ll do this year as well, and I’m totally OK with that. $750 US for 3rd tier is just WAY too much (let alone $2000!!!) for a game. As much as I love Webkinz, I cannot justify spending that much money on frivolity.

    • Powerann says:

      PS: Sophie, is there any way you could publish what pets are included in the POTM Club subscription? I got one last year and was disappointed with quite a few of the pets. I won’t get another unless I know I’ll like at least 3/4 of them.

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