NEW Spring Mystery Bags are HERE!


Spring Mystery
Clothing Bag

Awards 2 random clothing items
Spring Super
Mystery Bag

Awards up to 5 random items

Mystery Bags award random clothing pieces or items ranging in size, from small to large, and functionality. Mystery Bags may also contain new items not previously released!


Drag and drop your Mystery Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as the gift shakes and magically awards mystery items to your dock!



What items will you get in your Mystery Bag?




There are many new items available but here are a few examples of what you may find in
Spring Clothing or Spring Super Mystery Bags…



Visit eStore for more details on Mystery Bags.


36 Responses to NEW Spring Mystery Bags are HERE!

  1. littleheartbigbark says:

    I really want the Grey Bunny Outfit SOOOOO bad. :( Can someone trade it to me? I have exclusives and will trade the entire outfit for an exclusive or a PSI. I have TONS of PSI’s. Just name what you want and I’ll probably have it. I’m not going to trade signature or retired items though. I want the bunny outfit for my easter collection.

    • Priceless says:

      I don’t think that would be fair. Just one exclusive or PSI for the full estore outfit? The outfit is worth like 8000 estore points. Exclusives are worth 10-15 Wish Tokens which you can get with a pet, from log out and other places. Depending on the PSI it might be fair or not fair. Signature would probably be pretty fair actually though. Hope this helps you getting your outfit!

  2. PUGTONY3 says:

    ugh..if only estore points were cheaper. OMG I so want one!!

  3. glitteringevening says:

    hey anyone have the webkinz cute top? i was really looking for it but i cant get it. if anyone has it i will offer BIG in the trading room

  4. alonnia_01 says:

    I have never been able to get any ,I can not afford them :( would love to have one just once .

  5. CheekyCat says:

    Oh wow! I just found out my mother is gonna get E store points for me to buy mystery bags! How didn’t i know earlier? LOL

  6. CheekyCat says:

    Well they are called Mystery Bags. You can’t expect to get exactly what you want. If you are afraid of getting items you don’t want, don’t bother to buy any.

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