NEW Wacky Webkinz World item: Peppermint Pie Cart!

New Wacky Webkinz World item available: Peppermint Pie Cart


This Peppermint Pie Cart is a refreshing way to serve your pet a daily treat! The Peppermint Pies will help freshen up your pet’s breath at snack time!


Pair the Peppermint Pie Cart with the new Peppermint Lane Signpost for an even more stylish experience! Your pet will never get lost on their way to Peppermint Lane with the sweet Peppermint Lane Signpost! Make sure to pick one up for your Peppermint Lane town square!


You may find a new Wacky Webkinz World item each month at eStore!



15 Responses to NEW Wacky Webkinz World item: Peppermint Pie Cart!

  1. marimar10 says:

    Peppermint Panda!! Yea, I have to have this one!

  2. webkinzlove2207 says:

    The pie cart is really cute, but I absolutely love the panda, I can’t wait to purchase it.

  3. Lisamarie580 says:

    eh the panda is cute but…. wanna know what would be even MORE cuter? a Pepperment… WAIT! Been there, done that. maybe an ice puppy? You know what i’ll say, now THATS ice! ‘boom crash’

  4. legodude says:

    Love the Panda!!!

  5. ladyliddybug says:

    i like cats… but the peppermint panda is RLY cute! sry cats!

  6. alabastered says:

    is…is that a peppermint panda?! so cute! i hope it will be available soon.

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