NEW Webkinz Blue Avenue Pomeranian arrives January 1st!

The NEW Deluxe Advantage Blue Avenue Pomeranian will be available at eStore starting January 1st!


Meet the ultimate lapdog of luxury, the Blue Avenue Pomeranian! Native to the high street of the big city, this posh pooch adores to shop for their gorgeous home – especially when they find pieces like the lush Uptown Lounge, their favorite place to relax! And when it’s time for a special treat, they’ll only settle for the best, a glamorous White Diamond Cupcake!


You may find this pet and more at eStore!


The Blue Avenue Pomeranian for 9,000 Points special is available both January 1st and 2nd, 2015. It will continue to be available throughout the rest of January at regular pricing.


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  1. penny04kinz says:

    Wow I never noticed this pet and I’ve never seen it,my sis has a signature Pomeranian not a blue avenue Pomeranian oh and can I be your buddy pmhk please please please I don’t really have a lot of buddy’s and I want u to be my buddy I want to be everybody’s buddy plzz

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