One NICK MAZIN’ Hamster… THREE Different Games to Play!


Did you know that a Webkinz NICK MAZIN’ Hamster Feature
Code will unlock three different ways to play?

That’s right!


One NICK Mazin’ Hamster feature code unlocks:
• One Nick Hamster for use in your Pet’s room in Webkinz World
• One 3D Nick Hamster for use in MAZIN’ Hamsters within Webkinz World
• One Nick Hamster Ball and Tube Design also for use in MAZIN’ Hamsters
• One Nick 3D Hamster for use on Amazing


Register Online-only MAZIN’ Hamster Feature Codes in the Code Shop on and in the Register A Zing section of the Journal on and unlock AMAZING 3D worlds of fun!


AMAZING WORLD is a FUN, NEW 3D game for all types of gamers. Adventure-lovers can embark on exciting quests and explore the beautiful landscapes of Amazing World while social butterflies might prefer to just chat with friends and play games.


You may find MAZIN’ Hamsters, Amazing World Zings and so much more at eStore!



4 Responses to One NICK MAZIN’ Hamster… THREE Different Games to Play!

  1. pickles says:

    The nick codes still work i registered mine last week and got the code 3 years ago :)

  2. pineapplefun says:

    He is pretty cute but I would rather spend my money on a webkinz than a Mazin’ Hamster. :/

  3. kinzklipfan says:

    I wish I could find my Nick hamster code from a few years ago. Though I doubt it’d work on Amzing World because I got it before this “promotion” came out.

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