NEW Rad Racers Weekly Special Bundle!


Does your Webkinz love everything to do with racing? So do we!


Packed with all kinds of eStore and rare, hard to find Webkinz items, this Rad Racers bundle has everything needed to get your Webkinz engines revving!


The Rad Racers bundle contains all these fabulous items:


Race Car Bed

Rainbow Racer

Roller Skate Racer (Tradeable) *

Wacky Racer

Yellow FASTCAR Racer

Wide Wheels Motorcycle *

Go Kart Track

Pug Cruiser

Coupe Convertible *

Born to Board Outfit *

Ultimate Challenge Sports Car

Skater Kat Helmet *

Skater Kat Shirt *

Skater Kat Board Shorts *

Parking Lot Street Tile x3

Three Way Stop Street Tile x2

Curvy Turn Street Tile x6

Straight Street Tile x11

There will also be an Rad Racers mini bundle that contains almost the same great assortment of items as pictured – just without the items that have stars beside their names.


Visit Ganz eStore February 27th – March 8th, 2015 for more details on this bundle.


You may find a new weekly bundle special each week at Ganz eStore!


16 Responses to NEW Rad Racers Weekly Special Bundle!

  1. Droom13 says:

    The roller skate racer is my favorite too!

  2. natalie13 says:

    I want the rollerskate racer!

  3. hulapenny says:

    i so want this do you have to have estore points though

  4. huggiebuggy9 says:

    Can I get some help? Whenever I go to where the log in button should be it says: “Currently Unavailable. Thanks for your patience.” It has been like this for several days. Please help.

    • annm2990 says:

      HuggieBuggy9, Sometimes when I get that message a few times, I will try another internet browser program (use Firefox or Chrome instead of my usual –Safari). Other members suggest clearing your cache or cookies or history to refresh your browser. Sometimes Webkinz is just super busy or down for maintenance. However, these tips often get me up and playing again REAL soon.

  5. chuckjen says:

    i love the cars. I wish that you could get stuff like this on webkinz. I’d be willing to spend 20000. it would be so worth playing games and saving my kinz cash.

  6. Lydia19of13 says:

    I REALLY like the Race Car Bed and the Coupe Convertible and the Go Kart Track and the Wacky Racer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. piggy6 says:

    Awesome items! So sad that I don’t have estore points though!!! But, if anyone is willing to send me that wacky racer then I will send the three kinzcash coins or an exclusive and two kinzcash coins back! I need that wacky racer so bad!!!! My user is rtyipy567! Hope someone send me one – that would be AMAZING!

  8. Joy3111 says:

    That is sad. So many people will be sad that their super surprise boxes didn’t get something for themselves. God bless!

  9. geogal says:

    Cool items. Maybe I’ll get it

  10. starbrite1 says:

    I love cars so this bundle is perfect for me!

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