See what’s inside the 2020 Fall Super Mystery Bag!



Mystery Bags award random items ranging in size, from small to large, and functionality. Mystery Bags may also contain new Exclusive, Super Exclusive or RARE items not previously released!


Drag and drop your Mystery Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as it magically awards mystery items to your dock!



Here’s a look at the RARE item that you may find in the 2020 FALL Super Mystery Bag:

Elegant Autumn Bed

Fall Garden Cottage

Or, one of these Super Exclusive items may be found:

Sunflower Carriage

Peeking Hot Air Balloon

Autumn Tree Window


Or even one of these cute Exclusive items:

Fall Teak Chair

Fall Teak Sofa

Fall Teak Daybed

Fall Flower Container

Stone Patio Firepit

Stone Patio Tile

Fall Teak Hammock Swing

Tranquil Fall Tree Swing

Autumn Living Swing

Autumn Living Sofa

Autumn Living Chair

Autumn Living Table

Autumn Living Hot Tub

Autumn Living Gazebo

Orange Gingham Balcony Window

The 2020 Fall Super Mystery Bag may be found in Ganz eStore as well as W-Shop in Webkinz World until November 15, 2020.


38 Responses to See what’s inside the 2020 Fall Super Mystery Bag!

  1. Sky_Cravens says:

    Hello I’m really not sure where to post this suggestion, I’ve seen it before but i believe i have to many medium and small rooms and it would be awesome to add a way to sell smaller rooms get the full 500 or whatever you spent the first time and use that towards bigger rooms. I think it would be super helpful just like being able to move your rooms around!!! please please think about it!!! I would love to sell smaller rooms i barely use for big ones. some i’m happy are small but other i just wait until i bug bigger rooms and us the smaller ones for other smaller rooms but theres not always rooms i want to do that are small.

    • catladyinpajamas says:

      I already asked twice last year. But I asked for bunk beds and a couple years later we got them!! I asked for waste baskets and we got them!! I asked for picnic cloths and blankets to cover our pets with.`We just have to wait a bit. later

  2. Warden says:

    TOTAL WASTE OF KC SO FAR. I can’t believe how disappointed I am in this! I have purchased at least seven bags, hoping to get a piece of the new fall fest furniture. Each bag has five items, and do you know how many pieces I have? FOUR, out of 35 possibilities. One couch, one stone tile, and two curtains. Gee, thanks! Oh, and THREE of the hot air balloons. Really? Half of them are Hallowe’en items, and 90% of them are either eStore items that I would have bought IF I wanted them or previous themes from years gone by. =( The only bag worth it’s weight was the ONE bag I sent to my friend, and all five of her items were amazing! I’m really reconsidering the deluxe membership. Even on the deluxe games and dailies, I don’t win more than $100 at a time.

    • Serendipitydoda says:

      …or if they let us Kinzpost or trade more estore items. Not even talking about the Mystery Bags (where only 1 of the 5 items is tradeable), but when it comes to doing the challenges, a lot of the time, the one of the prize items I don’t want or need, but sometimes it comes paired with the other item that I DO want. The other one just sits in my dock gathering virtual dust until I msg Cust Svc to remove it.

  3. ringneck1 says:

    If only the prize pools for these things weren’t such a gamble, I might try one. As it is I’d rather spend points on items individually I know I want.

  4. Morninglight says:

    Love these items but you never get what you really want in those bags would just love to be able to buy what item you really want this seems to be the new thing with each theme now not really fair but it sure makes money this way people keep buying till they get what they want….

  5. ack2906 says:

    I love all these items! When it says “Watch as it magically awards mystery items to your dock!” do you actually get multiple items, given item was plural? Just wondering, if anyone knows.

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    These are gorgeous! Well done design team! There are some items that I would really love to have. Are any of them available for outright purchase, not mystery bag?

    • BeezKneez says:

      No – big sigh – they are are mystery bags only. Once I bought a super mystery bag and it contained only a bunch of odds and ends – not one of which was advertised as a new and special item. If any of these items where available to purchase separately, I would definitely buy a couple items, but I just cannot afford to take a chance.

  7. ferretfuzzbut says:

    I just read the top part of this and it says MAY award exclusive… Has anyone ever bought one and NOT gotten at least something from the list shown? I never knew it was possible to get NOTHING from the list…eek.

    • Resonatingthunder says:

      All of the ones I have opened have contained one exclusive (and other estore of course)

    • dippyear says:

      Yes, these are in the “prize pool” so you aren’t guaranteed you’ll get any. But you will get estore items, 5 I believe, including dispensers, beds, cottages and so on. It’s total pot luck. I did get one last year and didn’t get any of the rares but I believe I did get one exclusive. The rest were random estore general items.

    • kaye10 says:

      well, since you asked… i did receive ONE of these items. however, it was THE ONLY TRADEABLE item and i am waiting to have three of the non-tradeable items removed from my account as they were very old and i already had them!! (is depressing to see all the things i “could” have gotten & didn’t even like the one new thing.) want to get another, but know it is a waste of real cash. best, k.

      • mabel3 says:

        Well, that’s quite the cautionary tale, Kaye. I was thinking of getting one as many of the items shown here are so beautiful, buuut maybe not. Sorry your bag turned out to be so disappointing :(

    • ojibwa says:

      I got two this year and got mostly Halloween stuff. I did get the zum balloon though. I didn’t get any of that cute autumn stuff.

  8. frankie98 says:

    The cottage is BEAUTIFUL! And the tree window very different, and cute!

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