See what’s inside the 2021 Spring Mystery Clothing Bag


Mystery Clothing Bags award two random clothing pieces, some not previously released!


Drag and drop your Mystery Clothing Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as it magically awards mystery clothing items to your dock!

Here’s some tradeable clothing pieces you may find in the 2021 SPRING Mystery Clothing Bag:

Pink Spring Butterfly Gown,
Pink Butterfly Bow

Classic Daisy Dress,
Classic Daisy Headband

Baby Octopus Dress,
Hat and Slippers

Purple Spring Butterfly Gown,
Purple Butterfly Bow

Frosted Rainbow Gown,
Frosted Rainbow Bow

Narwhal Raincoat,
Hat and Rainboots

Yellow Spring Butterfly Gown,
Yellow Butterfly Bow

Petal Petals Romper,
Cat Ears and Sandals

The 2021 Spring Mystery Clothing Bag may be found in Ganz eStore as well as W-Shop in Webkinz World until May 24, 2021.


28 Responses to See what’s inside the 2021 Spring Mystery Clothing Bag

  1. bear10201 says:

    Can u make the baby octopus a pet please, it is absolutely adorable.

  2. nanamama12 says:

    That Petals Romper with the Cat Ears headband and shoes is SO CUTE!

  3. padme67 says:

    Looks a little cartoony to me, like they belong on the other website, not the Classic one

  4. unikitty11_ says:

    Will these be available next Month? I really want them, but I don’t have any estore points left :-D . I really want this clothing bag!

  5. rlla14 says:

    All are darling, but that black/daisy dress combo is just stunning.

  6. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    Great items! I love them all! Is there any chance you will be posting the items from the Webkinz Next spring mystery boxes?

  7. BettyTosty says:

    I got the Narwhal raincoat and a spinning star hat. It’s so cute! I want to get another bag or more and hopefully get the Narwhal hat too!

  8. KSC says:

    Those baby octopus slippers and hat are so cute!!!

  9. frozenanna2 says:

    Omg, are these tradeable???!! I really want some of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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