Signature Arctic Hare is AVAILABLE at eStore!!

Ganz is proud to showcase the Webkinz Signature and Endangered Species Edition Signature Pet collections.


The Signature Arctic Hare is certain to warm your heart on even the coldest of days! When the snow begins to pile up, this clever critter can still keep cozy and warm inside their Snowdrift Hideaway! Help keep them comfortable at snack time by serving them a spot of steaming Wintry Raspberry Tea!


The Signature Arctic Hare comes with the following items:
• Special Item: Snowdrift Hideaway
• Special Food: Wintry Raspberry Tea
• A Wish Token
• Plus one Exclusive item from the Signature Room Theme


Every Signature series pet includes an amazing pet-specific special item and food to dazzle players, a Wish Token for extra fun on the site, an exclusive piece of the Signature Room Theme that is only available from adopting a Signature Pet, plus all the regular adoption rewards!


You may find this virtual, online Signature Pet and more at eStore!


6 Responses to Signature Arctic Hare is AVAILABLE at eStore!!

  1. Bwfuzzycat228 says:

    Hey @midnighqueen, what’s up? How is aphrodite doing… dose she still miss Colton? I know I do! Please post back soon! ***—BWFuzzycat—***

  2. 2diamonds12 says:

    He is soooooo cute! Love him. On a purely unrelated note – Does any Webkinzer out there know how many points you have to reach or how much in kinzcash you have to earn to tell when your near the end of polar plummet in Polarberry Plunge so I can tell when I’m near the end & about to win the Trophy????? Please respond here and let me know, Thank you.xo’s

  3. migrubbs says:

    I got this pet last month with my Asian elephant Ellie. I named this pet Anna from Lars the Little Polar Bear movie.

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