The 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Bag has arrived!


Drag and drop your 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as it magically awards mystery clothing pieces to your dock!


You may find one of these Pretty Outfit pieces:


Or you may find one of these Power Outfit pieces:

Visit Ganz eStore for more details on the 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Bag.


7 Responses to The 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Bag has arrived!

  1. adoptmepleaz says:

    I would love to have these, both outfits look so good.

  2. furryfurballs says:

    So pretty, love both outfits. I really need to have them both.

  3. Mimosa says:

    I hope I get the Pretty Outfit Pieces ,(I Really Love Pink), !!!

  4. LadyBeauty says:

    For Deluxe Wednesdays the E Store had Deluxe Clothing Bags for Series 1 Deluxe Box Clothing Pieces, which were given to Deluxe Members before I was able to become a Deluxe member. I got the 2 pieces of Deluxe Box clothing items that I wanted and wished I could have been a Deluxe member at the time to receive them: The Victorian Gown and The Nutcracker Jacket. I was so excited to get them! When the Nutcracker Princess Jacket came out in December, it made me long for the Nutcracker Prince Jacket even more. Woo-Hoo! It has been a good day on Webkinz World! ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

  5. bonesbongo says:

    These outfits are awesome! I really like the Power Outfit pieces, I would love to get the outfits for Mother’s Day. :}

  6. annm2990 says:

    Hope I get some of these for Mother’s Day!

  7. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I LOVE both outfits. Pittiesrule

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