The Black Friday in MAY Sale is On Now at the Ganz eStore!

Did you know that there are amazing deals
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If you love the fantastic items and features on Webkinz World that are Deluxe, now’s a great time to upgrade to a Deluxe Membership! Why? Because until midnight tonight (May 15, 2020), you’ll receive 50% off your Deluxe Membership upgrade!



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You may find these Black Friday In May deals and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!


88 Responses to The Black Friday in MAY Sale is On Now at the Ganz eStore!

  1. Powerann says:

    I took advantage of the 40% off to get a few pets I’ve been wanting. I was really hoping for a sale on ePoints though. Oh well, maybe sometime in the near future you’ll host a ‘Cyber-Monday in Spring’???? (wink-wink-nudge-nudge) ;-)

  2. captainmolly says:


  3. frozenanna2 says:

    how come when i use my webkinz phone and i try to add sally webkinz it always says, (you have already sent 8 messages wait for them to write back) i just want to be friends with sally webkinz!

  4. TRINSTER says:

    I got some of that cool black and gold furniture and the curtains. They look amazing!

    • bonesbongo says:

      Hi @TRINSTER did you place the Glam Bed, Curtains and Carpet in a room? If so what wallpaper/flooring did you use. I must agree with you the items look amazing. I was thinking of putting mine in a room with the Gold Sparkled Wallpaper/Flooring. :}

      • claibornefarm says:

        I got the same items, and put them in a modern theme….the gray walls with the giant window looking out at the city, and it looks amazing

  5. scs330 says:

    Please extend the Black Friday sale! I had a full cart of items, but then was not able to open the cart to check out. Kept getting a “bad gateway” message. I tried logging out of the estore, but now can’t log back in. The sale is ending in 30 minutes, but I’m not able to purchase my items :(

  6. Crantz says:

    The day is over now I tried countless of times to buy a deluxe membership but it was impossible your system didn’t let me. The problem is not my card I used it in other places and everything worked just fine shame all around I really like the teacup pomeranian hope it stays for the rest of the year. Hope you’ll give a 50% discount another time soon or in the actual Black Friday.

  7. RubyCubes says:

    Has anyone else had problems buying the 40% off pets? I’ve tried multiple times today to add them to my estore cart. I’m logged in. I get a message saying they’ve gone to my cart, but my cart stays empty. Nothing is transferring, so I can’t buy any of them. I hope you extend the promotion. I have the estore points, and there are 4 pets I’d love to buy today but can’t. :(


      I didn’t buy any pets, but I did buy 1 deluxe…and got charged FULL price! I sent in email..hopefully they will call and fix it.

      • Chiny says:

        How frustrating EnchantedIsle, did you remember to put the MaySave50 promo code? I had problems where I put the code in and then there were issues with the credit card (like others, I only input 2 digit year, not 4 digit and put my last name where I was supposed to put the card number) and then when I fixed the issues the code had disappeared. I had to reinput everything, including the promo code, and saw the 50% discount before finalizing the sale. I’m hopeful Ganz customer service will get back to you and fix it (fingers crossed). I had some of the other challenges, too, and hope Ganz will extend the sale for those that were not able to take advantage in time.

    • gml1939 says:

      I bought 3 with no problem. Love these sales. that’s when I really stock up. Hope you get to make your purchase!

  8. Crantz says:

    I can’t make the purchase on mobile or desktop. Please fix or extend the promotion due to the technical issues.

  9. Crantz says:

    Hi I’m trying to buy a deluxe membership I have tried over 6 times and I get an error message. I’ve checked all the information I’m submitting and everything is written right. Please check your system as soon as possible, thanks a lot.

    • slayer0703 says:

      i had that problem and it turns out i was using a credit card that they don’t accept.

    • emster7 says:

      sometimes they want the whole address spelled out with no abbreviations, and they also want the whole year on the expiration — like 2022 instead of just 22. Also, sometimes debit cards don’t work. I’ve made all of those mistakes!

  10. SparklingWater says:

    Hey, I bought they 1 year deluxe. It wasn’t applied to my account and I sent an email telling them but I was just wondering how long it takes for them to respond.

    • bellabook says:

      I had to wait at least a week when I emailed them (this was last month) but they were really good about everything and had great customer service. They’re just taking a bit longer due to the conditions recently!

    • lilbibleman says:

      If you have time left on your current deluxe it won’t add the year until that time expires. If you don’t have deluxe I’d contact them again on Monday. GL!

      • gml1939 says:

        I bought a Deluxe and had to contact customer service because I couldn’t get the Automatic Renewal to cancel. They replied right away!! I was so surprised, and thanked them profusely!! I found out a bit of information I did not know. If I buy the Deluxe Membership as a gift, or a code where I can put it on any acct whenever, there is no auto renew; it just expires at the ending date. But if you buy the Deluxe Membership for a particular acct at the time of purchase, then it does have an auto renew. But that can be cancelled. I am glad to know that.

      • frozenanna2 says:

        you want to be friends?lilbibleman

      • SparklingWater says:

        Thank you lilbibleman! I do have a one month going. I’ll wait lol

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