The Count Bite Ice Cream Candy Tree is here!

October’s CANDY TREE has arrived: Count Bite Ice Cream Tree!


Lurking in the branches of the sinister Count Bite Ice Cream Tree is a sweet ice cream treat! Each new morning when sunlight breaks, your pet can sink their fangs into one!





This tree makes one Count Bite Ice Cream Cone food item each day that you can feed to your pet!






Watch for the companion item, Fluffy Bat Rocker, to be released next week!



You may find a new Candy Tree each month at eStore!

33 Responses to The Count Bite Ice Cream Candy Tree is here!

  1. frozenanna2 says:

    Mmmmmm that looks so SATIFYING. Dang… I don’t have any estore points. Dang it. Have fun with it you guys!

  2. megamom12 says:

    I did it….I caved and bought the tree! It looks so nice in my Trick or Treat Street room!

  3. habibi24 says:

    It’s sooo darn cute! have to check to see if I have enough estore points to get this.

  4. gutentag222 says:

    Item idea: a manakin that we can dress with clothes. This would be a great way to store and display all of our clothes! It could be added to the creative theme, or you could create a fashion runway theme. Other items would be a runway, a circular fitting platform, mirrors, makeup vanity, etc…

  5. TRINSTER says:

    Creepy and cute!

  6. ojibwa says:

    very sinister!

  7. sparkles1117 says:

    I Love it, so cute.

  8. PupKid008 says:

    The ice cream is so cute but so funny at the same time! XD

  9. Morningdew12 says:

    This would be perfect for my ice cream collection!

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