The eStore TREASURE Hunt is on!

From March 17 to 19, 2017 search around the various Webkinz categories on for virtual items that have been renamed to contain the word TREASURE in them!



Patchwork Leopard could be renamed to PatchTREASUREwork Leopard
Antique Column could be renamed to Antique TREASURE Column
Elven Arbor Sofa could be renamed to ElTREASUREven Arbor Sofa
Blue Ruffled Curtains could be renamed to Blue RuffTREASUREled Curtains


Once you add the items to your cart, you will see a discount of up to 35%! Then, just checkout and enjoy your items!


There are 57 virtual Webkinz items and 15 virtual Webkinz pets to be found. Can you find them all? No cheating though – the search box feature will not help you! ;)


You may find the eStore TREASURE Hunt and so much more at eStore!


5 Responses to The eStore TREASURE Hunt is on!

  1. natalie13 says:

    Discount NOt showing up at .check-out???????????

  2. zootzoot says:

    Not all items with treasure in the name change prices when they are in your cart.

  3. Racoon6000 says:

    The estore is slow and some of the pages have errors. I found some treasure items and think I could find more if the site worked :( I have some points to spend, but site is difficult to navigate.

  4. robinroyal says:

    Sounds hard.

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