The Fluffy Bat Rocker is the Perfect Companion!

Your pet can ride the night without leaving home on the rollicking Fluffy Bat Rocker! It’s a great gothic bit of fun for your local hangout!


Makes a great companion to the Count Bite Ice Cream Tree!


You may find a new Candy Tree tie-in item each month at eStore!


9 Responses to The Fluffy Bat Rocker is the Perfect Companion!

  1. frankie98 says:

    This fat little bat makes me smile:)

  2. paduga1 says:

    I agree, There are many themes that I would buy if they were Kinzcash.

  3. mochidochi says:

    Those are some spooky eyes!

  4. zoomycat says:

    Would n’t it be fun if it had rolling googley eyes!

  5. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my gosh! This is so cute!

  6. LovesStaffordshires says:

    This is cute. Pittiesrule

  7. mfaull says:

    Always estore points and I have sooo much more Kinzcash!!

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