The Gingerbread Elf arrives in Webkinz World!

You won’t find a friend sweeter than the Webkinz Gingerbread Elf! An astute gardener, their green thumb loves to grow some sweet treats, especially when planting their own special Holiday Gum Drop Seeds! After a long day harvesting their garden, serve them a dessert as delightful as their personality: a slice of Honey Ginger Cake!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!

17 Responses to The Gingerbread Elf arrives in Webkinz World!

  1. acoolaunt says:

    This little elf is so dang cute, it’s the first time I ever got two of the same pet!

  2. TRINSTER says:

    Oh I want one! He’s SO cute!!!

  3. Serendipitydoda says:

    Wonder how much the elf will be? Very tempting. I love getting unusual seeds. I keep trying to find a Candy Cosmos and Candy Cane packet, but no luck. I got the Gingerbread Bear not only ’cause it’s the cutest thing, but it also came with a packet of special seeds. Hmmm, also, Webkinz doesn’t really have many pets that’s got a more humanoid form and would probably be fun to play dress-up with.

  4. haiku48 says:

    The baby Yoda of the holidays.

  5. catloverdoglover says:

    This is adoribale! I have the Webkinz Snow Man his name is Frosty! I’d just love to get this elf for my snowman. Right now he is with my Reindeer Candy Cane, he isn’t the Candy Reindeer it’s the normal brown one! Have a very Mery Petsmas!

  6. annm2990 says:

    Aww. He looks so happy. Is he full sized or lil’ kinz sized?

  7. roofusfuzzybum says:

    He is sooooo adorable!!

  8. rockinrassberry says:

    I like Webkinz that can show off their stylish clothes by standing up! I may just need to adopt an elf!

  9. LovesStaffordshires says:

    What a cutie. Pittiesrule

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