The Glowing Gum Drop Candy Tree is here!

August’s CANDY TREE has arrived: Glowing Gum Drop Candy Tree!


Your eyes will light up with excitement when you see the gorgeous Glowing Gum Drop Candy Tree in your yard! Harvest glorious gum drops ever day!


This tree makes one Glowing Gum Drop Ball each day that you can feed to your pet!


Watch for the companion item, Magic Meadow Flower Patch, to be released next week!



You may find a new Candy Tree each month at eStore!

5 Responses to The Glowing Gum Drop Candy Tree is here!

  1. rlla14 says:

    Loved the Glowing Gum Drop (thanks!!), but the replacement bake sale kiosk isn’t working. It crashes the Park entirely, and everything freezes. Mr. Moo worked fine. I’ve tried on multiple accounts and have had the same issue all day.

  2. KSC says:

    What a lovely tree!

  3. Monkeyringprince says:

    Yay! I am so excited i am gonna get some today Yum :P

  4. TRINSTER says:

    This is such a beautiful tree — I love it!

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