The Goodbye to Summer Sale is ON!

You may find the Goodbye to Summer Sale in both
Ganz eStore and W Shop, September 14-21, 2021!




You may find this and much more at eStore!

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  1. Flyerdream says:

    Not sure where this comment belongs, but I love the new Halloween and Fall themes at the E-store, however I wish they were tradeable!

  2. threehounds says:

    Off-topic, everyone the free Deluxe Appreciation Day is going on right now in the estore and pick up a free moon costume hat.

    • Fedorovgirl says:

      @threehounds–thank you so much for the reminder! You used to be able to sign up to get emails from the eStore with info about deals/sales/freebies but I cannot for the life of me see how to sign up for those emails. Does anyone know?

      • Sally Webkinz says:

        Log in to your Ganz eStore account and click Manage Account at the top. On the left, select Manage Subscription. Make sure that box is checked to subscribe to the newsletter.

  3. PrettySkitty says:

    Will these items be retiring or returning next summer?

  4. renfroekid2201 says:

    I can not seem to find the pet vehicles on webkinz next if someone would please tell me where and or what category in the Wshop I could find them I would really appreciate it.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      There aren’t any that are for sale, but you can find them as adoption gifts or prizes. Check the Curio Shop’s Wish Boutique — there might be a vehicle in there. We also just added a Mining Cart that you can craft using gems — the gem crafting station is in the Curio Shop.

  5. AuntietoEW says:

    URGENT REQUEST. If you can, please block this advertisement.

  6. ojibwa says:

    Oh I love those seats! Beautiful colors!

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