The Grape Taffy Candy Tree is Here!

June’s CANDY TREE has arrived: Grape Taffy Tree!



If your pet treasures taffy, pick up a few of the clever Grape Taffy Trees! They’ll adore harvesting its daily sweet treat!




Each day they’ll be able to harvest a Grape Taffy Candy food item!






You may find a new Candy Tree each month at eStore!

11 Responses to The Grape Taffy Candy Tree is Here!

  1. bubbashuka says:

    This is such a cool tree! I’d eat it if it was real. :D

  2. tink1706 says:

    WHAT are the 2 machines in the photo ?? FLOORING is new . WHAT are the BARRELS in the upper sides ??

  3. 1955tiny says:

    TAFFY FLOATED too fast to get .

  4. 1955tiny says:

    OK NEW FLOOR like the Purple pots show NEW COLORED FLOWER FLOOR. What are the JUICE makers here. Are these MOONBERRY or GRAPE ? Jump ( trampoline or tub . We need A MOONBERRY TUB for HALLOWEEN rooms !!

  5. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    These trees are really neat! They actually look kind of natural, but also whimsical at the same time. Really cool! =]

  6. 4CheeseTortellini says:

    What a cute tree! The Grape Taffy Candy looks pretty – Thanks, Ganz eStore!

  7. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Nice! This tree looks pretty cool! :D And the taffy does look pretty good, I’d probably eat it if it was real XD (I am “Taffy”Kitty12 after all, haha. No, just joking, since the “taffy” part of my user didn’t come from the candy (I used to own a cat by the name “Taffy”, and that’s what inspired the name of my user) Anyways, that’s a neat new item!

    • GoGanz24 says:

      Was the cat named after the candy?

      • TaffyKitty12 says:

        Hm, I’m not quite sure… I think she was, but the shelter gave her that name (and our family decided to keep it), so I don’t know, but more than likely, they probably did (or they just thought it was a cute name) :) Sadly, we don’t own her anymore because she had to be put down a few years ago :(

        • tink1706 says:

          She is a LUCKY CAT . yOU CHOSE TO LOVE HER AND SHE CHOSE TO LOVE YOU !! When she got sick and old you let her go peaceful ! Most or stray cats have a very hard life. Your Taffy was a loved and treasured pet. I hope if you can you can choose to let another pet have that same love and bring love back into your life.

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