The Icy North Tent is the latest Kinz Cottage!

January’s Kinz Cottage has arrived: Icy North Tent


Provide your pet with some shelter from the cold with this terrific tent! It will provide a handy place to hole up while on an icy adventure!


You may find a new Kinz Cottage and companion item each month at eStore!


3 Responses to The Icy North Tent is the latest Kinz Cottage!

  1. minniemak says:

    thank you. surprisecub1

  2. surprisecub1 says:

    Minniemak, I’ve had the same thing happen twice. Just send an email to the address they told you to use, and tell them what happened. It will be fixed quickly. I think it happened to me when I made a purchase of items really close to midnight when items were changing / “free item” was available for the last day. Ganz was really quick to fix the issue for me. Hopefully, they can fix it quickly for you!

  3. minniemak says:

    I had 2 things in my cart ad this was one of them and it kicked me out and said I hadn’t used my account for awhile and I need to reactivate it! I go there everyday and just bought a few days ago a Valentine pet! What’s going on? I have been on Webkinz Classic for many years and visit everyday. They told me to go to but I’m having trouble contacting them! Please help. thanks

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