The Lemon Drop Fence is a Perfect Companion!

Lemon Drop Fence
The stunning stained-glass Lemon Drop Fence will create some breathtaking beauty in your yard! It’s a great way to make the outdoors even more awesome!


Makes a great companion to the Marzipan Lemon Candy Tree!


You may find a new Candy Tree tie-in item each month at eStore!


9 Responses to The Lemon Drop Fence is a Perfect Companion!

  1. KSC says:

    This is a beautiful fence! I love the Lemon Drop theme.

  2. gml1939 says:

    Tell me again, please, why I can’t put a canoe on the Lake Tiles??? I don’t understand. Seems that would be the whole purpose of the Lake Tiles? Thanks

  3. LovesStaffordshires says:

    It’s beautiful. I wish that there were more fences that were kinzcash. Pittiesrule

  4. gingerdare says:

    I found my last zum!!!!!! And the fence is gorgeous, it looks like some of the stained glass dividers!

    • threehounds says:

      Congrats gingerdare on getting your last zum and awarded a zum sanctuary.

      • BH1464 says:

        I found all my Zum’s a long time ago, but have never been awarded a Zum Sanctuary. Not surprising. I’m still waiting for an issue from last Halloween to be resolved by Customer Service. I checked into it and was told they are still working on it. Please continue being patient.

  5. mfaull says:

    Sure wish some of these wonderful things could be purchased with Kinzcash!

    • annm2990 says:

      I agree! Also, I know they spend lots of time designing some special prizes-I’d like some other variations made (different colors or something) for the special items we get in mystery boxes and special prizes. I never got the Valentine candy box, or the Webkinz News coin box, but I’d love to buy a simpler version of these kind of things. It would be nice for some of these special prizes to have a version available for kinz cash, even if it was a little less special than the mystery box or contest versions. Also, if the individual items from mystery boxes could be sold individually (even if it was more expensive than the mystery box/bags) I could complete so many outfits!

  6. mochidochi says:

    Oh my gosh this is so beautiful!

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