The L’il Munchkins are officially here!

Looking for a fantastic forest friend? Lil Munchkins would make perfect pets!

These cute little creatures can sometimes seem a little shy, so don’t mind them if they prefer to hide away for awhile inside their Munchkin Cottages! But when they come out for a snack, make sure you feed them their favorite food if you want to keep them happy: Boo Brownies!

Don’t forget that throughout October there’s also a bunch of BONUS Webkinz World Events created just for L’il Munchkin owners!


You may find these pets and more at Ganz eStore!


10 Responses to The L’il Munchkins are officially here!

  1. unicornbrianna says:

    where can I buy them I would like it for free. My account had been hack

  2. creek4kids says:

    They look like kawaii foxes or something. They’re pretty cute but I personally prefer the more realistic-looking WKZ, like the Signatures.

  3. kaye10 says:

    again, where to get the floor & walls? are they available?? thx, k.

  4. mokie88 says:

    I just adopted all three! I’m excited to add these three little ones to my Webkinz family

  5. g2u3c4c5i says:

    Nice new trio! But I think they should be called Lil’ instead of L’il. :)

  6. KSC says:

    The Munchkins are super cute!!

  7. happywolfyay111 says:


  8. webkinzlover506 says:


  9. Beckinz8 says:

    I LOVE the purple outhouse, or garden shed! The adorable L’il purple Munchkin shows up so well in this room! What a nice spooky clearing to build their cottages!

  10. Mamasbrew says:

    Looking to seeing them in webkinz world. They are adorable.

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