The Monstrous Den Kinz Cottage is here!

October’s Kinz Cottage has arrived: Monstrous Den


Your pet will love lurking inside the darkened Monstrous Den! The perfect place for privacy and maybe even some sinister scheming!


Watch for the companion item, Moon Flower Wall, to be released next week!


You may find a new Kinz Cottage and companion item each month at eStore!


10 Responses to The Monstrous Den Kinz Cottage is here!

  1. montauklady says:

    how large is it?

  2. Amygirl113 says:


  3. dianadoodlebug says:

    This is just adorable. Can’t afford it though!

  4. tinygma says:

    DEN COTTAGE 1 each month but it still keeps our rooms CLUTTERED !! We have to add BEDS outside in the room !! CAN YOU make the cottage into a BED !! Save us a lot of space in the future !!

  5. KarenaJ says:

    Monstrous? Lol I think its beautiful.

  6. KSC says:

    A great piece to put in the Cool Cave!

  7. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Aw, what a cute little cottage! =]

  8. 1Emerald1 says:

    Whoa this one is really cute. For a monster den, especially! I like it.

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