The Quilted Ornament Fence is a Perfect Companion!

Surround your pet with awesome ornaments this holiday season! No need to decorate your fence when the Quilted Ornament Fence itself looks like a decoration!


The Quilted Ornament Fence is a perfect companion to the Quilted Christmas Tree!


You may find a new Candy Tree tie-in item each month at eStore!


15 Responses to The Quilted Ornament Fence is a Perfect Companion!

  1. ImaPepper says:

    This fence is adorable–reminds me of Amazing World, lol.

  2. Sun2977 says:

    Wow!! These look very interesting! I like the colors and the shapes but in my opinion there a bit too big. And the material seems interesting for a fence. I would’ve maybe used wood instead. But there still pretty cool! :)

  3. nanamama12 says:

    I came across a sale at the fabric store and picked up the green material for making real decoration out of the Quilted Tree.

  4. lily711 says:

    I think they’re WAY too big and gawdy. Not something I’m interested in buying.

  5. CATSandBATS says:

    I love it! I need more fencing to go around things inside my rooms and yards and not just around the perimeter.

  6. nanamama12 says:

    Interesting….but I’m not quite sure how I feel about them.

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