The Quilted Robin arrives in Webkinz World this December!

There really is something quite comforting about adding the Quilted Robin into your family of Webkinz pets! This beautiful bird is all about warmth and comfort, which is why they love spending time nesting nicely beside their Quilted Christmas Fireplace! If they start feeling a little too warm, make sure you pick up their favorite snack to help them keep cool: a Cranberry Parfait!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!

9 Responses to The Quilted Robin arrives in Webkinz World this December!

  1. iamawebkinzmom2 says:

    I just had the best idea….You could do a few holiday outfits that are quilted to go with the newest mini theme and pet….Think about it quilted pjs, jacket, etc.

  2. iamawebkinzmom2 says:

    Why is there NO Christmas clothing this year? Did I miss something? I look forward to buying the new holiday clothes every year! Anyone else think there should be Holiday clothing in the Kinzstyle shop?

  3. bubbashuka says:

    How adorable, I wish I could get it!

  4. bonesbongo says:

    The Quilted Robin is so adorable! Love the PSI the Quilted Christmas Fireplace is really nice. Job Well Done to the designers! :}

  5. Warden says:

    I got one! Yay! I’ve named him Argyle Connemara, because I’m part Irish, and the design of the Connemara tartan is red, green and grey, too. =D Can’t wait to design his room!

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