The Raindrop Kitten arrives in Webkinz World June 1, 2023!



While some cats may not want to get wet, the opposite is true for the Raindrop Kitten! This fantastic feline is a precious puddle of perfection! They’ll be dreaming of the next rainy day when they kick up their paws and relax on their Stormy Sofa! When they’re feeling hungry, feed your cute kitten a puffy pastry, like their favorite: some Cloud Steamed Buns!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore starting June 1, 2023!


28 Responses to The Raindrop Kitten arrives in Webkinz World June 1, 2023!

  1. DREADWING says:

    may you i webkinz next make a arctic sink i need it for my house please make one if you dont want to though thats okay thanks for making such a fun game

  2. ShikaMaka says:

    She is so cute!

  3. threehounds says:

    Found code inside the Raindrop Kitten page at the Estore.

  4. KingVicktor says:

    Oh I love this baby doll kitten ! Every single cat I’ve had irl has loved to play in water ! Sprinklers; hoses; RAIN PUDDLES. I had one that loved a bath in the kitchen sink ! I want this kitten! Plush please !

  5. sosotto says:

    What a cutie!!

  6. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    BUBBLEWRAP KITTY LOL. This is so cute, glad to see the April Fool’s pets coming true. Wonder when the Cattledog will come out. I cannot wait for the rainy theme, hehe!

  7. schuckersd says:

    love it. cant wait

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