The Sugared Violet Candy Tree is here!

Webkinz Candy Tree, Sugared Violet Candy Tree, Purple Violet Tile
May’s CANDY TREE has arrived: Sugared Violet Candy Tree!


The pretty purple flower on the branches of the terrific Sugared Violet Candy Tree delivers a daily delight! Your pet will love to harvest its sugary snack!


This tree makes one Sugared Violets food item each day that you can feed to your pet!


Watch for the companion item, Purple Violet Tree, to be released next week!



You may find a new Candy Tree each month at eStore!

10 Responses to The Sugared Violet Candy Tree is here!

  1. bonesbongo says:

    It’s such a gorgeous tree!

  2. KICAVE says:

    I just have one yard specially for treat collection trees. I keep track of them easier that way.

  3. Beckinz8 says:

    I really like this beautiful tree! We have a family friend who swears that violets really are edible (and yummy!) and she puts them on family desserts, like birthday cakes. :-/

  4. ultrasonic3 says:

    Outstanding! I’m absolutely love with this tree! It would look amazing in my “purple” outside room. I hope you place it in Kinzville Park so that I can see it every day!

  5. luckygoat says:

    that lion is so cute wow

  6. Pilgrimcat498 says:

    Hi Webkinz… I don’t really know where to put this, there doesn’t seem to be a very good place. Anyway, I thought it would be very interesting if we could have a sort of “Behind the Scenes of Webkinz”. Perhaps there could be various episodes, some about the Podkinz, some about the game design, maybe some about how you came up with the idea for Webkinz in the first place. I was just thinking that that would be super interesting! Thank you for considering!

  7. Pilgrimcat498 says:

    Looks like a lovely tree!

  8. KSC says:

    What a gorgeous tree!

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