The Tulip Trampoline is a Perfect Companion!

The Tulip Trampoline is a beautiful bed of flowers that is a fun and flowery spot for your pet to bounce around on! Such an amazing way to get some refreshing exercise!


Looks great when matched up with the with the Tulip Tower too!


You may find a new Kinz Cottage and companion item each month at eStore!


14 Responses to The Tulip Trampoline is a Perfect Companion!

  1. cool4WHILE says:

    I like this!

  2. ianinlyheahruja says:

    Love it!!

  3. sweetiepiesix says:

    yes please, more treadmill styles. I like to match the room d├ęcor.

  4. MONKEYSMILE05 says:

    CHROME not allowing us on site NO FLASH button to click to get on

  5. catloverdoglover says:

    I love the pon pon well we have a real pony in real life and we call it the Pon Pon its real name is “River”

  6. tuxkitty1 says:

    That is so pretty!

  7. ultrasonic3 says:

    The Tulip theme is so pretty!

  8. percaroma says:

    I love the trampolines, even if they do cost Ganz coins…however, may I make a request that you make at least one new treadmill available with KinzCash? There is only one option so many of my rooms are without treadmills. Yes, I have bought and received a few options: Wheelbarrow, dog, racetrack and futuristic. Just would like at least one additional option for non-Ganz coins / non-deluxe members.

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