The Webkinz ChiChi Chihuahua will soon be retired!



The ChiChi Chihuahua is retiring from the Webkinz catalog this Sunday, June 15th, 2014!


ChiChi Chihuahua owners can celebrate in Webkinz World!


If you don’t have a Webkinz ChiChi Chihuahua, you have a chance to find an online-only version of this pet at Ganz eStore until Sunday June 15th, 2014!




The trendy ChiChi Chihuahua is sure to become a Webkinz World favorite! A true shopaholic, this pretty pooch needs a Chic Wardrobe to hold all its fancy new clothes! And after a long day of browsing through every aisle of the Kinzstyle Outlet, the Chihuahua likes to chow down on a Decadent Doggy Dish.


You may find this online-only, virtual, pet and many more at eStore!



10 Responses to The Webkinz ChiChi Chihuahua will soon be retired!

  1. Fletcher1 says:

    Can I have it for free I never win

  2. jadyo4 says:

    I would like them to retire the webkinz Chocolate pup because I have that one and I have not got a chance to do the retired pet activity’s not even once I just wish that can happen *Sigh*….

  3. jadyo4 says:

    My sister has one so she will be able to do the retiring activity’s on Saturday or Sunday? :P

  4. Melody_Dixon says:

    Darn,wanted it for my bday

  5. morgimcf says:

    Good thing i Have 1 !!!!

  6. prprprprp says:

    This is soooo cute!!

  7. arianatootlebug says:

    I have a few shown in the retiring picture, but it is taking forever to get them retired. Oh, well. The chihuahua reminds me of my sister! Super cute!

  8. kittygirls13 says:

    Of course, one I do not have. They should retire the umm…….Clover Cat?

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