The Webkinz Shih Tzu will soon be retired!



The Shih Tzu is retiring from the Webkinz catalog this Sunday, June 29th, 2014!


Shih Tzu owners can celebrate in Webkinz World!


If you don’t have a Webkinz Shih Tzu, you have a chance to find an online-only version of this pet at Ganz eStore until Sunday June 29th, 2014!




The snuggly Shih Tzu is a big fan of hanging around on its Shaggy Sofa and reading comic books until it’s time for bed! The Shih Tzu is also a very skilled gymnast with a flair for performing. This delightful dog’s favorite dish is Bow Wow Chow Mein!


You may find this online-only, virtual, pet and many more at eStore!



14 Responses to The Webkinz Shih Tzu will soon be retired!

  1. crystal33447 says:

    the chair is cool

  2. arianatootlebug says:

    So cute!!!!!

  3. agentspygirl says:

    I love the couch so cute

  4. agentspygirl says:

    I think I will have to buy the virtual version!

    • WinnieandNickers says:

      No, you can buy the plush AND tag on Amazon or ebay. ppl are getting rid of them, and the codes are untouched, and the plushes are in great shape! Dogs rule!

  5. Lisamarie580 says:

    gonna get it!!!

  6. lizziesmom2 says:

    I always wanted one but now……. i cant.* Sigh*

    • WinnieandNickers says:

      Yes you can, lizziesmom2! You can get one on ebay or amazon: ppl are getting rid of them, and they have codes, too! I am going to get one hee haa! they are also in good condition, I got a webkinz dog on amazon for my cousin and it came with the tag and everything and it was is great shape. You can still get one!!!! ;)

  7. prprprprp says:

    Awww, this dog was sooooo cute!!! Too bad it’s retiring….I wanted a Shih Tzu in real life too! :( *Sigh* It was soo cute with the little pink bow, and, and, everything! Aww.

  8. a5t says:

    And I loved her.

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