Treasure Tuesdays are BACK – both Ganz eStore AND W-Shop!

Enjoy lucky offers from Ganz eStore on Treasure Tuesdays — each Tuesday until March 12, 2019 in the Treasure Tuesdays section of both Ganz eStore and W Shop!


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  1. KarenaJ says:

    We got our issue resolved- thanks guys. They are beautiful and loveeee them!!! Even nicer than I imagined!

  2. MintyKinz467 says:

    Treasure Tuesdays are WAY better than Tender Tuesdays. (1). It’s green, and that shade green is my favorite color besides other cool shades of green, blue, silver, black, and yellow. (2). It has nothing to do with my least favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day. And hey, is that a MAZIN’ HAMSTER? PLEASE RELEASE AMAZING WORLD THEMED STUFF! ~09xStarlightx09 N’ Jazzerielwix

  3. Oldshowsrock58 says:

    Cool! I like the dress. Also, I want to thank all those who sent me Bake Sell Muffins! :) Thanks! I’ve almost got the room finished though I am running low on a another Bake Sell item but will do as many as possible. :) Thanks again :) ~ angelgirldog7

  4. Itswebkinztime says:

    My favorite is the headband. That would look really cute on my clover puppy.

    • MintyKinz467 says:

      I know!!! =D Also, I’m going on a trip on Thursday and won’t be back until sometime in March. Please join us on the forums, Itskinz!!

      • Itswebkinztime says:

        Ooh, have fun on your trip! :D Ah, I’ve forgotten to check the forums for awhile haven’t I? I’ll be sure to do that. Oh, and thanks so much for the picture you drew for me in the share center. I love it! It’s super cute! :D

        • Itswebkinztime says:

          Hey I just saw that you replied to my comment on the March events page, so I’m just going to reply here since it’s more recent. Oreo and Jonas are doing great! How’s Marshmelllew doing?

    • MintyKinz467 says:

      Ayyy, thanks! Yeah, you have… Too bad the comment section of FV is gone. I’m so glad you like it! Have you checked out On Display yet? Yay! And how’s Taffy? He’s doing okay. He was shivering the other day, and grabs his treats really hard, hahaha. We got fish in November! And how are you? BBFFF!! (),,()

      • Itswebkinztime says:

        You’re welcome! I know, it’s been so long :(. Yeah, I really miss fan videos. Taffy’s doing good. Jonas does the same thing with his treats hahahahaha. He loves his food. That’s cool! I have a couple of goldfish. BBFF!!!! ()..() And thanks for sending me the link to the forums! :)

        • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

          Yeah, it’s so sad. :( Me too. Good to hear! Does she shed a lot? Haha! Marhsmelllew is huge and heavy and really strong. You said Jonas was too big to sit on your lap, right? And do Dutch bunnies always stay small? I put Marshmelllew on my lap even though he’s big, and he tries to escape. LOL Marshmelllew loves his food too! Especially mangoes. Oh cool! We have a black sucker fish and neon ones. We used to have goldfish, but they died. BBFFF!! ()..() No problem! And I think you’ll like One More Girl, too.

          • Itswebkinztime says:

            She sheds a little bit. It’s not too bad though. Jonas is pretty big, but he can still sit on my lap. There isn’t a lot of room for him when he’s on my lap haha. I don’t think Dutch bunnies get as big as lop eared rabbits. I guess they’re a smaller breed. I’m pretty sure Oreo is smaller than most Dutch bunnies. He’s smaller than my signature lop eared bunny XD. Hahaha Marshmelllew sounds so cute. Yeah, my rabbits love mangoes. They also really love bananas. That’s awesome! I’ve never had those neon fish before. I always see them when I go to the pet store and they’re really pretty. :) BBFF!!!! ()..()

  5. KarenaJ says:

    Can someone help- we bought the Cityscape Wall Panels from the WShop Sale section and it took our points but didn’t put it in our dock. My mom emailed but hasn’t heard anything back. Do you email the ganz customer service or someone else since it happened inside WW?

  6. xxmgn says:

    Very cool! I love that dress and headband i just had to get them! They look so cute on my pet.

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