Tricky Tuesdays are BACK – both Ganz eStore AND W-Shop!!

Tricky Tuesdays are back!

Every Tuesday, at both Ganz eStore and W Shop, until October 23, 2018, you can find a selection of spooky seasonal item and clothing specials, pet specials and maybe even a few brand new Halloween item debuts!


Be on the lookout for these NEW items:


September 25 – Zombie Bride Outfit clothing pieces

October 2 – Dark Queen Door dispenser

October 9 – Jack-O-Lantern Sleeper

October 9 – Jack-O-Lantern Chair


Find more Halloween items in the Halloween category in Ganz eStore.


You may find Tricky Tuesdays available each each Tuesday at BOTH W-Shop and Ganz eStore until October 23, 2018!

16 Responses to Tricky Tuesdays are BACK – both Ganz eStore AND W-Shop!!

  1. Cinderrocks says:

    I love that bed! Too bad I missed out

  2. paintinanc says:

    I bought the Dark Queen Door thinking I could use it outside with my other Halloween candy dispenser doors. But it can only be used inside. So disappointed. Have been hoping for a couple more Halloween candy doors for my Trick or Treat Lane yard. Please make some more doors that go outside!

  3. gendom says:

    It’s almost Miss Havisham’s dress from Great Expectations! :)

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