Unwrap A Mystery… June 15, 2021

2021 Planter Mystery Box, Series Two will be available for one day: June 15, 2021

Get your gardening off to a glorious start with the planter inside this bountiful box! Series Two has the next step forward!


Drag and drop your 2021 Planter Mystery Box, Series Two from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as the box shakes and magically awards one Patio Plant Dispenser and a special mystery item to your dock!


Each 2021 Planter Mystery Box, Series Two awards:
– One tradeable Turmeric Patio Plant
– One random tradeable Mystery item not yet found anywhere else; no future item additions will be made.


Items contained within the 2021 Planter Mystery Box, Series Two are not tradeable/sellable unless otherwise specified.


You may find this Mystery Box and so much more at eStore!

28 Responses to Unwrap A Mystery… June 15, 2021

  1. megamom12 says:

    I got mine….the second prize was a new DISPENSER thank you very much, and a WACKY one on top of that! I could NOT believe my good fortune!!!

  2. ulinchick says:

    When was this story posted? I was on Webkinz Newz around 9am yesterday and it wasn’t there. I would’ve gotten one if the story had been there then. It’s not fair to expect me to check multiple times a day. :(

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Your best bet to not miss anything from Ganz eStore is to keep an eye on their upcoming schedule here: https://www.ganzestore.com/estore/static/news Their whole month is posted well in advance.

      • bonesbongo says:

        Thanks for sharing Sally, I was going to post this as well. I always refer to the NEWS, anything I’m interested in getting I mark down the date and what the item is. If it is not available when checking first thing in the morning, I make note to look later. This method works well for me and I don’t miss getting any items I want. ~ shelkinz67

    • 2diamonds12 says:

      Things tend to post after 9:30 am so it is best to check wknz then.

      • zeusfist says:

        I am generally on between 5:30 and 7:00 am and so I miss the eStore postings – and there is not enough of interested on a daily basis to make going to the eStore a daily check so WebkinzNewz is my main source for eStore special events. Judging from the comments I’m not alone in this – perhaps there News could be listed in the eStore tab here.

  3. ojibwa says:

    Shucks, missed it! I guess I was on too early yesterday.

  4. BH1464 says:

    Does anyone know what the 2021 Planter Mystery Box, Series One was and when it was available. I’ve searched Webkinz Newz but have been unable to find any information about it. I’ve purchased all of the Mystery Seed Boxes from 2020 and need to find out if I purchased the first of the 2021 Planter Mystery Box, but just don’t remember what it was.

  5. Ruby09 says:

    I need help, what should I name my kiwi bird?

  6. ManateeMilly says:

    PLEASE HELP! my little sister is trying to create a Ganz World account so she can participate in contests and activities. But when we tried to make an account: “Sorry, an error occurred. Please try again later” shows up. Then when she tries to use her username and password to get in: “You haven’t activated your account yet, please check your email and click the activation link” shows up. But there is no email anywhere and we checked junk and spam too. We have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Is anyone able right now to make new Ganz accounts? Please help us.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You may want to try again later or on a different browser, or try signing up using your Webkinz World account

    • frozenanna2 says:

      Ya, this happens to my sister, too. :( Idk why, we contacted support, but nothing happened. Your probably going to have to have your sister post her things, on your account. :( otherwise, you can try contacting.

    • ManateeMilly says:

      Thank you, Sally and frozenanna for your responses! I have tried a new browser and my Webkinz account. Neither worked, but it’s okay. I have tried everything. Most things she can use my account for, but we want to enter separately on Share Center. Love Webkinz btw

  7. frozenanna2 says:

    Cool! Is it free?

  8. megamom12 says:

    I remembered to get one today thanks to Newz! Thank you Newz Team!

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