Unwrap A Mystery… May 12, 2020! SNEAK

2020 Growing Mystery Box, Series One will be available for one day: May 12, 2020


Get your growing garden off to a fantastic start with some sensational seed packets inside the bountiful 2020 Growing Mystery Box, Series One! It’s a fabulous way to start farming! Drag and drop your 2020 Growing Mystery Box from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as the box shakes and magically awards one Package of Growing Garden Seeds and a special mystery item to your dock!


Each 2020 Growing Seeds Mystery Box, Series One awards:
– One Package of tradeable Black Cherry Plum Seeds
– One random tradeable Mystery item not yet found anywhere else; no future item additions will be made.


Items contained within the2020 Growing Seeds Mystery Boxare not tradeable/sellable unless otherwise specified.


You may find this Mystery Box and so much more at eStore!

24 Responses to Unwrap A Mystery… May 12, 2020! SNEAK

  1. Luvthemtigers says:

    Pretty sure I got this last month…I have the plum tree is this the same one?

  2. 123kinloch says:

    cant wait to get my mystery box

  3. twdfan says:

    i love all the seeds

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