Webkinz WIGS are here!



WIGS for your Webkinz!


Ever wondered what your Webkinz might look like with a cool new hairdo?


Whether you prefer the flowery braid of the Beautiful Brunette Wig, the poofy curls of the Pink Princess Wig or the sassy updo of the Stylish Blonde Wig, you may find the perfect style for your Webkinz at eStore!






You may find these wigs and more at eStore!



64 Responses to Webkinz WIGS are here!

  1. migrubbs says:

    I got the brown wig for my seafoam sparkle dolphin and I need the other 2 wigs for my other underwater pets or my zodiac snake.

  2. squandoo says:

    I always wondered if they would have wigs on webkinz, but i think some stuff like this should not be just eStore.Anyways i really like them!

  3. likeaboss says:

    I have wanted Webkinz to come out with wigs forever! Rock on!

  4. bethkeahey says:

    come back please and i mean please

  5. bethkeahey says:

    i wish i got one

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