You’ll be smitten with this room design in February!

February Special: Smitten Kitten ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


There’s always a sweet surprise waiting for you inside the marvelous Smitten Kitten ?? Box! You never know which sensational Smitten Kitten themed item you’ll discover next!


The adorable Smitten Kitten Bed will look purr-fect in your pet’s room! They’re sure to fall asleep with a smile!


You’ll get a gorgeous view wherever you place the cute Smitten Kitten Window! They’ll always make your walls look wonderful!


The cute and colorful Smitten Kitten Rug will look absolutely adorable as an added accent! It’s a fabulous idea for a floor facelift!


Any diligent room designer will perk up when they see the decorative Smitten Kitten Divider! It’s a creative way to add a sense of space!


You don’t have to wait for your pet’s clothes to get dirty before putting them in the happy Smitten Kitten Hamper! Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about wrinkles!


The sublime Smitten Kitten Armchair is a sweet spot for your pet to rest and relax! It’s one fine furnishing that will always have your back!


You may find the Smitten Kitten ?? Box and other February Specials at eStore starting February 1, 2020!



11 Responses to You’ll be smitten with this room design in February!

  1. cuteblueicefawn9 says:

    that is the cutest.

  2. frankie98 says:

    Super cute!

  3. flyinghorse3 says:


  4. TRINSTER says:

    So cute! Love the window seat!!!

  5. mirforbjs says:

    Still no chairs from the smitten kitten boxes, but I got about 20 chairs and bean bag chairs from the supernova boxes. The randomness drives me crazy, LOL! :D

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    Awwwwww…those eyes, and that cute little face! Wacky looks adorable too! Can anyone tell me what that beautiful patio plant is called at the center of the room, next to the divider? While all of the kitten furniture pieces are too cute for words, I also really love that sink and shower and that vanity table. Great job design team!

    • bonesbongo says:

      Hi Beckinz8 the beautiful patio plant is called Passionfruit Patio Plant, it dispenses a lovely Passionfruit Cheesecake. I have this beautiful plant I would be happy to send you the Passionfruit Cheesecake if you would like. I don’t think we are friends. My WW username is shelkinz67 if you want to add me. I’m not able to add anyone maximum invitation have be sent that are not answered. :}

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Hi @bonesbongo! Thank you for the helpful info and the sweet offer! Thankfully we are already friends in WW. I have a different WW UN just like you. My WW UN ends in 8, and I sent you a little care package to bless your day! I hope that you enjoy it! Talk to you soon!

        • bonesbongo says:

          Hi @Beckinz8 Happy to know were already friends, I wish I would have known sooner. Thank you so much for the care package, it brightened my day. I sent you a package hope you enjoy. :}

  7. LovesStaffordshires says:

    This theme is adorable. Pittiesrule

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