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    Welcome my Webkinz Friends! So glad you decided to stop by and most will be happy you did. I decided to start my very first forum. Is there an item you just want so bad? An item that seems so far out of reach, because no one will trade you for it? Or, you’re just too new to Webkinz and don’t have much? Well you’ve come to the right place!!! Your Fairy Godmother is here to help. I have lot’s of stuff and NO I will not be listing what I have (you couldn’t handle it) LOL. All you have to do is make your wish here and If I have It, you just MAY receive It. And yes, you can make more than one wish. And everyone is welcome, everyone has a clean slate here. Only payment that I ask for is a sincere Thank You. Warning: All ungrateful people will be put on a list. Thank you for stopping by and “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.”

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      Hi fairy godmother ! I got a new pet and I don’t rlly have anything for her to wear. It is perfectly ok if you do have anything I list. but I am just wondering, do you have torn jeans, or Nafarias purple slippers, or dj headphones! it’s ok if you don’t. But if you do plz send them to harmonycar0985. I will send something back too. Have a great day!!!

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        Hi Everybody, Becky (WFGM) is NOT reading this post anymore, Sorry to anyone who wished for something and didn’t received it.

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          Hi Mark! Do you know what the DJ Headphones are or have the rockers ones? What is the value of rockerz headphones because maybe I can afford to trade what I have for them. I really want a pair of headphones, sweetcupcake tried sending me a pair but they were get this e-store. :( If you could help it would be great. It would look great on Surge or maybe Gold in the headphones room by Britt Nicole. I know I sort of have a lot of wishes, and if no one has it is ok too. Thanks for all your help everyone. I feel bad about posting my wishes but if I have something that can make your biggest wish come true, tell me and I will send. Mark also how much is Penguin PSI worth. I really don’t care for it but I like other PSI’s and the headphones? I hope I can get those eventually. For now I will be patient and wait. Maybe I will get lucky at the trading table. This is my first ever wish because I never posted on here before. However I made a lot of wishes about deluxe items and other stuff to Lamb, Mom, and DF. Not all my wishes can be granted. I hope I can grant many more wishes in the future. Now I am starting small with Snow, and sometimes Gold and Sweetcupcake as they make my webkinz wishes come true. However hopefully in the future I will find more things that you 4 need. -Atom

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            Becky thanks for that one tip. I hope you are glad to see it in use. Thanks for your kindness by sending the limosine I wanted for a very long time. I hope you liked my TY note and little present I sent you. Thank You! ♥ -Atom

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      Dear Fairy Godmother, my username is 4BubbaGump and I’ve been looking for WZ jeans for a long time. I would be so grateful if I get them! If WZ jeans are too much to ask, then I would like Plumpy glasses or any other cute clothes. I hope you for at least read this! :D

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