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    how do you get a used pet onto another account

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      This is what I found. If you go to the Webkinz sign in page, go to the bottom and look for Customer Support click on it. Then go to Account Issues and look for Adopted a Pet to the Wrong Account. There you will find a form to fill out and this information…….. I want to transfer this newly adopted pet to another account. Separating pets is not something we do in Webkinz World. Once a pet has been adopted onto an account, it cannot be moved, transferred or removed.

      - I want my new pet to be on my existing account
      If you would like to merge two accounts, please be aware that this can only be done if you’ve started one of your accounts within the last 30 days. When you move a pet from one account to another, it’s like starting over for that pet. They lose all items, rooms, and KinzCash they’ve acquired. Please be certain that you want to do this.

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      You can’t I am sorry about that. Peace be with you-Atom

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