Almost 2 years of this pain!!!!! Lets slove the Neon tutu!!!!!!

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    Ok so this October it will be to years of not knowing the neon tutu, so why not solve it? the black IS in it, FFF i don’t think so. so post ideas of what looks like it most. And i do know how much it will cost to make…… so i will post that later, once people write in, thx!

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      ok thanks!!!! do you mind if i copy that in another forum? i would say that you did it :-)

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      Here are some fails. I hope this helps: Black Vest + Fluorescent Flip Flops + Everything
      Red Shirt + Blue Ribbon + Everything
      Princess Hat + Cropped Jacket + Everything
      retro rainbow belt + pink bow + EVERYTHING
      Red T-Shirt + Blue T-Shirt + Everything
      Ballerina Leotard Top + Fluorescent Flip Flops + Everything
      Ballerina Tights + Fluorescent Flip Flops + Everything

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      ohh ok, lol nvm then thx for telling me! btw the FFF i really doubt are in it cause they came out SUMMER 2011 and the tutu came out in fall… and i will defantly help with chillys fourm about neon tutu! btw thx for writing in!

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      Hi, for the record, I have personally tried everything in the Kinzstyle outlet against the black vest and Flourescent Flip Flops. Everything came out as patchwork, so they can’t both be in the recipe. Chilly has also made a forum where people take the black vest, one other item, and then test it against entire clothing groups. We’re getting really close!! One more thing, if your getting the cost from the Kinzapedia, it’s not the actual cost to make it. It’s the value of the tutu. The value of the item that is made (neon tutu) is not the sum of the pieces KC. For instance – the Wild Watermellon Shirt has a value of 180 (according to Kinzapedia), but it actually costs 145 to make. Great job working on the tutu though!

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