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    Hi! :) I want to set up an Amazing World account, but while it’s loading after I click on new player, the computer just shuts down and restarts. I have all the system requirements and unity web player, which works fine with no problem in mazin hamsters, but why is this happening? Is anyone else having this same problem?

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      i know how! wait till the nix go by then press I’m new or lets go (it worked on my dads computer whilst mine couldn’t be plugged in) if uve a macbook pro with nano drive try it cos it definitely works

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        Hi webkinz244! :D Thank you so much! I actually use a mac, and I’ll do what you said and see what happens. It’s an i-Mac though( not an old one-it’s pretty new ). I hope it works. Have a sweet day!~Schweetz

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      Yes I i’m and I don’t know why it is doing that.

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