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    I do not have much so please help

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      Hi! I have found a helpful trick and its go to kinzstyle outlet and then look at the item on sale. if if is more that half off the original price then buy it and sell it to the w shop. note: this will not work if you click on the sale button. it has to be the item on the counter.

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      do the daily activities. also don’t pay full price for something if its a lot and you have a coupon. what i do most often is play the learn and earns on ganz parent club. there are 13 pages of them and each one that you do gives you a 50kc coin. i earned like 35 of them in two days which, in case you dont want to do the math, gave me 1750kc. also the wacky logout carnival is good. another thing i do a lot are the video challenges. i do them pretty much everyday and then sell the duplicate items. hope i helped! :) ***horse121****

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        I agree, see if your mom or dad will or on the ganz parent club, or give you permission to. The learn and earns and surveys give you $50 KC each. I got over 30 of the $50 coins in less than 10 minutes. Do your daily activities, use coupons or wait to buy it if you can. I have over $100,000 KC so I know what I’m talking about :-) Good Luck

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      Hi, redgreen! I would love to share some tips to help you earn KinzCash! I love earning KinzCash, and I’m aiming for 100,000 KinzCash, soon. I’m halfway there, actually. I suggest selling some of the stuff you get on the Wheel of Wow. There was the galactic television on there today, and that sells for a lot. Trade for items that cost a lot of KinzCash, then sell them. Playing in the arcade is fun, and you earn KinzCash. Games like Scrambled, Hoppy Little Rocket ship, and Pizza Palace are my favorite games. They also give quite a bit of KinzCash! Do you dailies in the arcade. If you don’t like Jumbleberry Fields, you don’t have to do that. Just do the dailies that give you KinzCash. Wheel of Wow can give you random cash, or stuff to sell. Gunk is only a couple KinzCash, but you can still sell that. (Might as well sell it instead of feeding it to your pet.) Wishing Well 2 obviously gives KinzCash, people have earned more than 1000! The log-out carnival is personally one of my favorites. So, so fun! I get lots of KinzCash, guaranteed at LEAST 100! The Gem Hunt and Employment office are really great! You can sell a gem you don’t want to Arte, and you earn lots of KinzCash at the employment office. Do Alyssa’s Star Challenge, and if you find a star you don’t want, sell it to her! Selling things you don’t WANT is good! Only sell it if you DO NOT WANT IT. Selling things you like can lead to regretting that. Garden! Gardening is really good. Buy one crop a day. When you harvest, sell the produce! These are just a few of the MANY MANY MANY endless ways to earn KinzCash. Hope I helped! -Girlz

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        What arcade game are u best at? If you enjoy it instead of thinking about KC you will earn it before u know it! Hey, girlzluv2play I’m trying to get there also! -Polarberry jam lover! P.S.60,000 kc

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      Just find out which games you’re best at. I did a calculation like this– I take the kc per minute, multiply by how much fun it is (on a scale of 0 to 5) and divide by how hard it is (0 to 5, again). Quizzy’s might make a lot of kinzcash, but if it’s really hard for you (yeah right, though) and not very fun, it’s not worth it. Also, if you’re deluxe, you can make a lot of kc quick. I finally gave up and got deluxe for myself (via my mom) so that I could play the games I was best at before they changed them to deluxe only. I got three months on sale. Here’s what you do if you get one– DON’T get all the deluxe only items. If your friends want some, have them send you stuff you can sell in exchange for deluxe only. Play all the games and find out which one is best (see calculation above). For me it’s stardrops. Then, transfer your estore points off ganzworld and onto the webkinz estore. Then, get fairy falls and magic mire charms. But if you don’t have deluxe, or don’t want to get it, you can make lots of kc quick by getting rid of the stuff in your house even more than your dock. I NEVER sell food, except for the occasional pumpkin or watermelon. You can still make recipes for clothes and food, but DON’T experiment. Buy a cookbook! Say “NO” to rares. Until you have 50,000 kc, don’t get rares. Most cost about 10,000 kc and you can go down to 0 really quickly. If you don’t want a psi, rare, or exclusive that you already have, TRADE IT, DON’T SELL IT. You find more serious traders in the kinz chat plus area. I know what to do with kinzcash because I have been up to 60000. Right now I’m at 37,000 because I just bought a bunch of rares, but I have worked myself up to 50,000 again in two days. So, good luck!

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      Quizzy’s is the fastest way to earn kinzcash, also try the employment office find the right job for you and you can earn i think up to 500 kincash a day on the highest levels. If you want more kc try atlantiles in the arcade, and for fast cash, play withing well 2 once a day! good luck and let me know if you need more tips! PS sell all of the items in your dock you don’t use it stinks when you can’t sell some useless items but you can sell most items in your dock.

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