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    Anyone have Purple witch hat (also called Halloween hat) I offer licorice and wings :)

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      BTW, that’s me on my bestie’s account, sorry for any confusion!

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      Btw I must say the forums are getting moderated really quickly today!

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      I have witch? You mean the 2005 one, right? I’m looking for den and candy, or pink explorer, or orange camo. Let me know if you have any of those. ~helloprettypanda~

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        Sorry I have den and candy but neither are for trade, the items I have for witch are: Licorice, Wings, Enchanted Elven Organ, Tyrannical Rex Slide, Rainbow Fountain of Wow, Aquamarine Dresser, Howling Ridge, Daring Den Slide, Alps Rescue Station, Ferris Wheel Lamp, and Levitating Couch (I think that’s what it’s called I know it’s the cosmic bear psi) I will trade up to three items for it :)

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          That sounds pretty cool. Did you mean three of any of the items you listed? If so, I’d love to do the levitating couch, ferris wheel lamp and aquamarine dresser for witch. If not, that’s cool: I’m not extremely familiar with values, so I’ll search it up on the WIGEV and get back to you.

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            I could totally do that! Would it be ok with you? Btw I no longer have licorice :)

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              Okie, so I just looked up value of witch hat on the WIGEV, and it says its exchange value ranges from 200,000 to 250,000 KC. Wowie, I didn’t know that! I might just have to hold on to that hat….but no, no, just kidding. Let me know if you are still interested, or if you have something else in mind. And please, call me Mel. Thanks! ~Mel~

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              Btw if needed I can add wings, a few common psi, or another signature psi

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              Oh and I also have a few rockerz clothing :)

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        Oops NirvanaLover is my other account sorry for the confusion :)

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          That’s absolutely fine! I’m so happy we can do that deal! Whats your user? I will send first, if that is alright with you. THANKS SOOO MUCH (even tho we haven’t trade yet, lol), I’m just so excited I can trade for those items. However, I had one more question: would it be alright with you if we could replace the ferris wheel lamp with wings? I wanted to send them to Becky, because she is running low on them. If not, that’s fine too. Thanks again, and remember to tell me your user! ~Mel~

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            That’s fine i’m getting two more pairs anyway :)

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      P.S. it’s not the floppy purple witch hat either XD sorry i’m so specific but I don’t want any confusions :)

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      No but I have in-home bowling alley for that! Plus rare theater screen.

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        Sorry I don’t need either of those but thanks for the offer!

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