Anyone wonder if Hamsters will retire too!?

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    I have seen posts of people concerned that as well as caring valley they will end up doing away with the hamsters. It has been a long while since they have updated any of it here on Webkinz Newz. What do you think?

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      WON’T! hope not. Sorry, DON’T RETIRE, WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

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      I dont have any but I worry too.There retireing these things to make room for more deluxe items.

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      at least it’s hopeful that the new valentine’s candy event in the park is featuring a hamster. Come on people keep doing the downhill race. Love it & that music.

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      I hope note. My sisters and I got our first hamsters just a few months ago, and now we each have several. I love them. They are cute and affordable. I have a lot of fun in the hamlet. We were disappointed they did not have the Halloween and Christmas mazes this year. We read the articles on the news and were looking forward to the holiday mazes.

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      That really bothers me. There have been so many new things added to the Ganzworld Webkinz sites that I doubt they are worried about our poor little hamsters. It would be a crime to abolish them now after so many people have purchased real and virtual hamsters. I agree it is too bad they don’t put just one code writer on the hamster project. I’d be happy to see a new addition every once in awhile instead of being ignored for so many months – - – - no, I mean years. Com’on Ganz – - – please let us keep our hamsters and add something anyway.

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