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    This is the place to auction for items! I will post an item and then you guys, will post an offer for it! Please post!!! ;)

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      I have Love Frog psi. All offers will be reviewed and the best will be picked by me. My username is stuffednose, I’m always in the blue zone and will be on in kinzchat plus clubhouse trading room 2 occasionally. When i pick a favorite offer i will post that winner and then the winner can add me. Then at the earliest convenience, will trade for said offer. Please be as specific as possible. Try to say the actual item’s name if possible so i won’t get mixed up with items and end up declining due to not the item i thought your offer was.

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        Okay, I rather like the Love Frog PSI. It’s the Love Pond, right? Okay, I have: Gold Leaf Dining table (rare forest key prize), a Dashin’ Dachshund Treadmill (PSI), Hover Sleigh (video prize), a Giant Sandwich Table (retired exclusive), Egyptian Vase (retired rare) or an Elegant Victorian Fountain (rare). I also have some Spring Celebration items from 2012, some GanzWorld Parent Club Mother’s Day flowers, Fall Festival Stuff, Click to Wins, and Gem Lamps. I could be willing to add the Fountain to one of the other items if it’s not enough. I’ve always wanted some seasonal PSI. Will you consider it? :)

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      i want the winterfest window from the challenge

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      Cool! Do you have any deluxe/rare/estore?

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