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    Hello all of you out there I am starting a new business where I help people who have questions about Webkinz or anything involved with Webkinz. I pretty much know all most everything Webkinz. Any advice or questions just post it and I can help. Thanks!

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      JesusismyLord, I have something that can get you started! I have so many priceless, friend me at PomJazz and I will send you a special gift. ~I am God’s Disciple

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      hi I was wondering where you can find webkinz signature espshaly the endangerd polar bear?

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      It’s very kind of you to give out advice to people Nibert! Will you friend me in webkinz world? *PomJazz

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      We can talk in Kinz Chat Plus if you need more further information.

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      Hi, I was wondering if you could suggest how to get started on a priceless clothing collection when I’m not sure (I don’t think) if any of my clothing is priceless. JesusismyLord

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        Ok I am experienced with priceless and I do have alot. I would recommend army, wz {Wacky Zingoz Jeans}, or plumpy. They are some of the easier to get if I were you I would go for plumpy which I would say is easiest. To get plumpy you would need priceless clothing or a really good signature item like panda slide. Also Gem items. If you want to talk to me I am on a Peridot Gem Dog named August if you need any further information or just post.

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