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    Hello all of you out there! I am starting a new business along with all the other great advice and answer businesses out there. I know pretty much all things Webkinz and can help with all questions, and if you need advice I can help there also. I know almost everything Webkinz. Pets, Psi, Priceless and Estore stuff. Just ask and I can help! Thanks N1.

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      Well I am sorry I haven’t been on the computer for awhile but thanks designergirl101 your right it is unsolved, and don’t worry no advice stolen. I hope you guys can solve the recipe! The recipe is 1 that I would love to have solved I hope you guys figure it out. Best of wishes -N1-

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      Do you know the recipe for the Neon Tutu? I need help

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        I don’t want to steal any advice from August, but I may be of some help. Sadly, no one knows this recipe. However, I would ask August to point you toward a forum where you can be of some help solving the neon tutu recipe. This can be SO frustrating at times, but that’s part of the fun and excitement. I hope you have luck solving it……

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      Np {No Problem} N1.

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      Well that was a glitch when the Tawny Pup was retired alot of other people got the box also. I didn’t suspecting I had the Tawny Pup which is the reason I didn’t get 1. So yes it will just take space up in your dock as of right now and I don’t think Ganz will fix it since it has been over a year ago when it came out. So as long as you don’t try to sell it, put it in your room send or trade it. You should be ok. Thanks Have a Merry Christmas N1.

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      Hey August!!! I just saw you on another forum!!! I was just curious, what is with the Tawny Pup Gift Box???? It’s been on my dock forever!!! I can’t get rid of it, and when I try, it logs me out!

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