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    post your offer for the bed of roses! one thing: you can only do superbed offers. plz don’t offer: treehouse hut superbed, wacky waffle bed, over the rainbow bed, or kinz of the castle bed. thx!~ misty900

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      Thats cool! I dont have anything u might want though ;)

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      Hey guys! If anyone has an extra bed of roses they would be willing to trade please let me know. I think I accidently traded mine before and I really want one now. I think I traded it because I got it with my budgie and thought it would be perfect for her, but it couldn’t go in tree top rooms. I’m not sure if any of these are super beds but I have these for trade. Country Bed, Flying Cozy Carpet Bed(Arte’s rare) and the Speedy Sleeper. I can also get the Sweet Heart Bed from the Ganz Rewards.

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      I have princess and the pea bed, and Spellbound palace bed! I would luv the BEd of roses!

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        Hi eberry12! Misty and I traded her bed of roses for my princess and the pea super bed, but since I have another bed of roses bed, can I send you her rose bed for your spellbound palace bed? I love that bed. :mrgreen: Did I already friend you? I’m not sure. My username is VBS123 Have a sweet day!~Schweetz

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          oh, and do you have the airplane for trade? If so I would love that one instead. ;) If you don’t have it, that’s ok.

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            I mean the airplane BED- *sorry* mistake above :oops:

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      Hi Misty! :D Thank you so much for understanding. :) I’m a busy person, that’s why. You know what…since the next pet I adopt will be my 30th pet, and I’ll get a third super bed gift box, I’ve decided to use one of the two I have right now to get your princess bed, and the second one I’ll use for another bed I really want( the airplane bed ), and the new gift box I’ll get when I adopt my 30th pet, I guess that can replace the one I gave you, and I’ll keep it. ;) I always keep at least one or two superbed gifts in my dock in case one I really want comes out that’s why. Please let me know what you think of this, and have a sweet day!~Schweetz

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      Hi Misty. Will you please forgive me for not sending the princess and the pea super bed? I’m really sorry. :’( I’m in the process of getting it right now. It’s a little late because I’ve been so busy during the whole Christmas season performing concerts and stuff, I didn’t have time to get your super bed. The other gift I sent you was just a little something to give you on Christmas until I get your bed. You’ll probably get it within the week or so. I’ll send it to you as soon as I get it. Have a sweet day, and happy New Year!~Schweetz

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        It’s okay. Trading in kinzpost seems to be a smarter way than looking for he person you will trade with. I will send the bed of roses the next I can log on to Webkinz world. Thanks! P. S. I forgive for not sending that superbed.

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          Not really at all! Trading in Kinzpost is dangerous! some people scam!!! Honest People: don’t do this ever unless the other person sends first or at least shows that it has it!!!!

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            I agree! I sent someone a PSI for candy cane seeds. I never got them. I stopped playing webkinz for a long while after that :(

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